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In Portugal, one of the greatest pleasures of all is grabbing Pasteis de Nata, otherwise known as the Portuguese egg tart. With a crisp, flaky, and buttery crust, it contains a creamy custard with blistering on top from baking in an oven. It is indulgently scrumptious and a true treasure to behold on your travels to Lisbon and other Portuguese cities.

My husband and I have European roots, and as such, we feel so close to the food and culture. The pandemic made it much harder for us to go out to our favorite international restaurants which forced us both to get creative in the kitchen as we tried to replicate our favorite foods at home. From paella to sushi and everything in between, we couldn’t leave out desserts from these culinary experiments.

I remembered having egg tarts on my trip to Portugal. I could smell the delightfully sweet aroma. I could almost feel the flaky crust giving way in my mouth to reveal that rich custard center. And I knew I had to make it because I wasn’t able to travel back to Portugal to get them.

So, I made it at home for my husband and he absolutely loved it. I’ve yet to meet anyone that hates an egg tart! However, when we looked for a place that sold them here in Atlanta, we only found a few. And the taste was nowhere near as good as what I’d made. That’s when we had a life-changing idea…why not give this kind of experience to others and bring a little delicious piece of Europe to their home?

And that’s how this all started for Natash Desserts. With our first baking kit product, Pasteis de Nata, we want to share the treasures of the world in the form of food. You don’t need a passport, just a few simple ingredients to add to the mix. The baking instructions included will have you making them with complete ease for you and your loved ones to take your taste buds to faraway lands without leaving your home.

My husband and I love to imagine couples, family, and friends sitting around together and sharing European desserts with love and happiness. Along with some good wine or coffee, egg tarts are the way to sweeten any moment and add an extra measure of pleasure to fill your day.


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